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A New Dawn in Agriculture

Harmonising productivity and nature, our aim is to transform farming into a sustainable and more efficient industry. Our advanced agronomic techniques are carefully curated to match the nutrient needs of various crops, focusing on both foliar and ground application methods. We assess and select the ideal strategies for your crop and location specific needs, ensuring you have the right ingredients at your disposal. Experience the evolution of agricultural production first hand.

Breathing Life Into Soil

Soil is not just dirt—it's a living, thriving entity that significantly fuels profitability. Embracing our Climate Smart land management principles, we echo nature's patterns and value the intricate relationship between soil biology, geology, structure, and chemistry. Our focus? To empower your journey towards increased profits with a robust soil restoration plan.

Foliar Treatment Reimagined

We've formulated products to amplify the benefits of foliar-applied nutrients, ensuring rapid, effective absorption that does not rely on soil interaction. This swift nutrient intake is crucial when deficiencies arise, providing immediate impact and promoting overall plant health. By utilising Ray O’Grady formulated foliar and soil biology products we ensure a complete plant nutrition program.


Our All-in-one Regen

Innovative, budget-friendly, and specially engineered to promote climate resilience, our products are designed to meet all your plant nutritional needs. Offering easy access and user-friendly application, our solutions are at your fingertips whenever you need them.


Our Ground breaking Products

Discover our range of unique products, designed for both foliar and ground application. From enhancing plant growth and yield with our PandA Biostimulant, to significantly increasing soil organic carbon and reducing fertiliser use with our BEAM Inoculant, we’ve got you covered. Explore our full product range and see how we can help you transform your agricultural practices.


Meet the Masterminds Behind The Innovation

Banyula Rural, formerly known as O’Grady Rural, was the brainchild of Ray O’Grady and represents his life’s work. Thus, the company has been committed to Climate Smart regenerative farming principles for over four decades.

Now under the banner of Banyula and guided by our dedicated and experienced Operations Manager Vinesh Prasad, Banyula Rural continues to advance regenerative agriculture. Harnessing all available expertise in horticulture, soil health and agronomy, our team is committed to improving your soil naturally and sustainably. 


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From boosted crop production and healthier trees to remarkable improvement in soil texture and biology, our customers speak volumes about the transformation they’ve experienced with our products. Whether it’s PandA’s impact on macadamia nut yield or the impact of BEAM Inoculant and Banyula ReGenic on pasture paddocks, our satisfied growers from across NSW and Queensland share their success stories. Discover how Banyula Rural can revolutionise your farming practices today.

Peter Gava
Tregeagle, Northern Rivers, NSW


My experience with Banyula Rural products over the past three years has been nothing short of transformative. I find myself wondering why I hadn’t discovered them sooner. The remarkable improvement in my trees’ health and visual appearance is clear evidence of the product’s efficacy. Gone are the days of bare branches—now, they flourish with leaves.

Without resorting to chemical fertilisers, I’ve witnessed an uptick in production solely due to these products. The customer service and support from the company have been commendable, making me a satisfied client. Thus, I wholeheartedly recommend PandA’s products for anyone cultivating macadamias.

Benjamin Gowen
Sahara Farms, Queensland


As third-generation macadamia farmers, we are delighted with our experience using PandA’s products over the past five years. We have experimented with various products in the past, but none have matched the outstanding results we’ve seen with PandA, especially concerning nut production and kernel recovery.

Their dedicated customer care and support are equally impressive. I urge all farmers seeking a more significant return on investment for their farming inputs to consider these products.

Josua Wellmen
Keerrong, Northern Rivers, NSW


I first came across Vinesh during irrigation work on Banyula and was intrigued by their soil biological products under development and trial.

Upon purchasing BEAM Inoculant and Banyula ReGenic, I applied them to a pasture paddock in need of rejuvenation. The improvements in soil texture, biology, and pasture quality exceeded my expectations. My Microbial Biomass Carbon (MBC) counts, both pre-application and a few months post-application, solidify that these products can do wonders for pastures.

I urge landowners and graziers to try these products on their paddocks. You’ll not only reap significant savings, but you’ll also contribute positively to the environment by reducing synthetic fertiliser usage. This product line is an invaluable addition for those who advocate regenerative farming.

Finger Limes

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