PandA Blue


For young tree crops – aids in attaining complete plant development

The solution for maximum plant growth in a dry spell!

PandA Blue is a foliar application which is rich in nitrogen. It strategically addresses the nutritional stresses induced by environmental and seasonal factors between flowering and nut maturity, when nutrient demand surpasses what the plant is able to gather from its roots.

PandA Blue is perfect for plants in the early stages of growth but can be applied any time.

Packed with 12.5% nitrogen, 1.0% phosphorus, 9.5% potassium, 3.3% zinc, 1.3% boron and 0.04% molybdenum, this formula also incorporates a super spreader/penetrant, eliminating the need for additional adjuvants.

For optimal results, apply PandA Blue at key growth stages: early bud emergence, early flowering, match head size, pea size, and two applications during nut maturation. It is suitable for both dry and wet weather.


Mix 2.5L per 100L of water and apply to the point of runoff, at a rate of 50L per hectare.

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PandA Blue
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