See what macadamia growers are saying about O’Grady Rural.

Rex Harris

Piccadilly Park, Bangalow NSW

“In 2011 Ray O’Grady became the nutritionist/agronomist at Picccadilly Park Bangalow. The property covers 80ha and has approx. 16,500 Macadamia Trees planted with an integrated Rainforest planting of approx. 60,000 trees.

Previously we operated under a chemical fertilizer regime.  Mineral element balance and tree health were poor. Aluminium toxicity was about 18% and dieback was emerging rapidly throughout the Orchard.  Basically our orchard was dying.

After spending a good amount of time in the orchard and considering information from aerial photos, Google Earth and Nearmaps Ray selected 6 sites as permanent locations for future soil and leaf analysis across the 60 ha Orchard.

The first soil and leaf analyses were alarming.  Ray recommended a gradual program to resurrect our Orchard in a wholesome and sustainable way.

Initially Ray carried out leaf analysis on a monthly basis to monitor progress and made minor variations to his recommendations as dictated by weather, flowering, nutset, harvest, KR results and the many variables during a crop cycle.

Today everything is nicely in balance , tree health is exceptional and production is showing a massive increase. Leaf & soil monitoring has been reduced accordingly.

Ray’s transformation of our Orchard to an integrated sustainable farming system has been remarkable.  We are extremely lucky to have Ray guiding our Family’s investment and livelihood.  All of our family enjoys working closely with Ray.

However all of Ray’s nutritional guidance and care has introduced a new problem. Nuts and nut branches are so large that many tree branches are struggling to support the abundant crop.  I think we can live with that!”

– Rex Harris, Piccadilly Park, Bangalow NSW
Mobile: 0408 493 641 

Bruce Maguire

Twisted M

Awarded highest …. Australian Macadamia Society Awards 2020

“ I established my macadamia orchard in 1991 and for the producing  years my nut production  has been above average, however I have not been able to achieve a satisfactory level of Sound Kernel Recovery. Ray was recommended to me about 18 months ago (2019) and he advised that I should change my fertiliser program in particular through how I apply boron and the use of PandA – foliar KR. In my first season after making the changes the results have been a complete revelation with a significant increase in my kernel recovery. The figures below show my SKR for the last five years.


Year       SKR Recovery

2016       33.30%

2017       33.20%

2018       34.37%

2019       33.36%

2020       35.93%

 The almost 3%  increase in 2020 has meant a significant increase in revenue for the farm. I would thank Ray for being a major part of this significant achievement and his support in working with me in making the changes that have been so beneficial.”

Bruce Maguire

Twisted M  


Merrick Laforest

Whian Whian

Ray has been involved in my macadamia orchard management now for several years. He has never failed to maintain an intense interest in all aspects of management, apart from just nutrition. In my experience of over 30 years of owning orchards, I have yet to come across anyone with Ray’s dedication and depth of knowledge. He has an innovative enquiring mind that constantly looks for solutions to any problems encountered and is certainly at the forefront of research thoughts and methods. I had a block of failing trees to whom I have shown many experts in the field, yet Ray was the only one able to devise a way of resuscitating them. I very much appreciate his involvement and advice as my orchard develops.

Merrick Laforest

Peter Fraser

Rosebank NSW

“I have been using PandA for six seasons. My main varieties are A16, A4, A38 and Nutty Glen – all were badly affected by husk spot despite following the Spin program.  I have progressively replaced Spin with Ray O’Grady’s PandA program. The last three seasons I have not used any Spin or Copper.

Economic losses from husk spot induced immaturity have been negligible for the last five years. A16 is now my best variety. PandA also looks after my Boron and Mo requirements and with PandA in all my tank mixes no spreaders/wetters are required.”

– Peter Fraser, Rosebank NSW

Henri Bader

Letaba Macadamia Estates, Knockrow NSW

“I would like to express my satisfaction in the advice and assistance provided by Ray O’Grady in improving the yield of two under-performing blocks.

A major factor in rectifying the problem seems to be as the result of his assessment of the situation and making some nutritional recommendations as well as setting a program for foliar spraying of his product ‘PandA’ which definitely made a remarkable improvement in the final results as can be seen  below. The period involved was over the 2013, 2014 and 2015 seasons. 

A further benefit we discovered was that though we had indications of ‘husk spot’ on those blocks, we did not spray and the indication was that the nut matured on the tree and did not drop, saving us the cost of treatment. This cannot be considered a great yield yet, but well on the way.

Thank you Ray”

– Henri Bader, Letaba Macadamia Estates, Knockrow NSW


Tom Renwick

Oakleigh Park. Gympie

After meeting Ray O’Grady and checking out his philosophy on nutrition, plant growth and requirements, I started to use PandA (in 2012) to subdue the effects of husk spot on my macadamias. I’d heard that other farmers were struggling with conventional treatments. I then asked Ray to do soil samples.  I have almost followed his recommendations for the nutrition of my macadamias, adding slow release boron (March 2013) and copper sulphate (July 2014). Further soil samples looked better. However, Ray’s recommendation of 5T/Ha of fine lime seemed excessive.  My soil pH was 6.3 and carbon 3.6-4 and yet my trees were struggling.  Test results showed that there was manganese toxicity and the volume of calcium in the lime was Ray’s solution to counteract this.  I took two years to be convinced to apply this amount of lime and I finally did it in April 2015. In Oct 2015 I started to use TM, recommended by another agronomist.  By Feb 2016 there was an obvious difference in the tree growth.   I do not irrigate and trees have previously shown stress in dry spells.  It’s now May 2016 and I am excited with the difference.  I am now looking at healthy, relaxed trees during a low rainfall event.

Other treatments during the same time may well have contributed – mulch and chook manure, recommended by Ray.

Factory results to date show that the percentage of first grade nuts has risen from 91.2% this time last year to 98.6% this year; while the factory average is 98%.  I credit this to the lime being the catalyst to make everything else work.  I should have listened to Ray earlier.  He was right all along. 

Thanks Ray………..

Tom Renwick, Oakleigh Park. Gympie

Denis Byrne

Byrmac, Rosebank NSW

“At our farm at Rosebank, we’ve been using PandA,  PandA-Foliar and PandA KR for four years, initially to have husk spot affected nuts stay on the trees until maturity.

Three years ago, we approached Ray to take over our fertilisation program completely and 2014-15 will be only the second complete year under Ray’s guidance.  Two soil tests and 5 leaf analyses per annum are reported in Ray’s unique way of colour charts have assisted in many ways.

Results to date have seen greater production of better-quality nuts. We look forward to working with Ray for years to come.”

– Denis Byrne, Byrmac, Rosebank NSW                                                              

Graeme Fleming

I have been using Ray O’Grady for several years now over a number of farms for agronomic advice and also using his PandA and other products.  We have completely eliminated fungicide applications on our Knockrow and Newrybar farms during that time and seen a significant lift in tree health.

Ray has a vast amount of experience in plant nutrition and associated areas and I would highly recommend his services.”