Soil Biology

Our soil is the home for many organisms that together form a vibrant biodiversity which supports the healthy growth of plants. There is a complex link between soil organisms and soil functions. This interconnectedness and complexity of soil influences plant growth, carbon sequestration and soil structure.

Therefore, any effort to understand and appraise soil health should consider the interactions with the living communities that exists in soil. As such we at O’Grady Rural have embarked on a major Research and Development project which focuses on boosting soil health by introducing a diversified range of bacteria and fungi (microbial) together with specifically formulated food (ReGenic) to boost soil health.

Currently, our Hothouse trials have indicated amazing results and our chief investigator- Ray O’Grady is impressed with the results so far. We are producing our very own product called BEAM and it is adopted from Dr Johnson Su’s ground-breaking research using low-cost composting to restore soil health.

When soil is degraded, we know that replenishing soil microbes restores soil health.

Adding BEAM compost inoculants and following Regenerative agriculture principles – for example no-till or low-till practices, planting cover crops etc – revives the mutually beneficial symbiosis between soil microbes and plant roots.  Without much delay, the soil starts to improve, and striking improvements in crop yields and carbon sequestration occurs.

Therefore, we are recommending our products BEAM inoculant and ReGenic to be applied at a rate of 4L per hectare.

For more information and support with your soil health, please contact us.

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