Our Products

Our products have been formulated with experienced agronomists for over 50 years and on farm trials since 2010.

Formulated to suit your plant nutrient needs.

Our products are targeted to support regenerative agricultural principles and will produce long-term benefits including less impact on the environment and reduced production cost. We offer a site visit of your property to consult on which product would provide the most benefit for your farm agro-ecology.

Complete Regen Solution

Intended to restore plant and soil health and establish link between plants and soil biology.

User friendly

Easy to use.


Our products will help you reduce your other cost of production.

Product Applications Rate/ha Pack size Price SDS
PandA – PA Biostimulant – compost – animal supplements-compost teas 1:250 to 1:500 20L Pails  $4.35/L Download
PandA – KR Proven to increase kernel recovery. Apply early bud initiation to nut-set. 400ml/100L 20L Pails  $9.70/L Download
PandA – Foliar Nutrient supply during nut filling, improves quality. 400ml/100L 20L Pails  $9.70/L Download
PandA – Foliar Blue The complete foliar for complete nutrition during dry conditions 2.5L/100 L Bulk-1000L IBC  $4.35/L Download
PandA – Char Add to animal rations to boosts health, meat and egg quality. 1-1.5% ration 20L Pails  $4.60/kg Download
SmartBugs – BEAM Sprayable high fungal dominant compost extract apply at seeding. 2-4L/100L 20L Drums  $15.50/L Download
SmartBugs – Rengenic Soluble carbon and amino nitrogen to increase soil microbial biomass and diversity. BEAM canbe added to the tank mix. 4L/100L 20L Drums or Bulk  $7.60/L Download


SmartBugs Regenic

100% locally sourced and environmentally safe product.


SmartBugs BEAM

BEAM has proven to regenerate soils when applied over the seed row of cover crops at planting. Inspired by Dr David Johnson-Su


PandA Foliar

Modified fish protein aimed at increasing yields significantly.