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A paradigm shifts in macadamia production for higher profits

Soil biology is the silent partner that drives profitability. We need to stop treating soil like dirt. The soil is living and deserves respect.

Our Climate Smart land management focuses on biomimicry, emulating nature’s principles and patterns valuing the complex relationships of soil biology, geology, structure, and chemistry that delivers a profitable outcome.

We provide growers with a soil restoration plan to improve profit.

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Our products have been formulated with experienced agronomists for over 50 years and on farm trials since 2010.

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Our Story

O’Grady Rural was created by Ray O’Grady, who was dedicated to ClimateSmart regnerative farming principles to reduce inputs and increase profits. Our farm, Banyula-Saratini Farm has been trialling the PandA products since 2010 with significant results in nut set, yield and soil test results. In 2022 we acquired O’Grady Rural to support our regenerative agricultural practises.

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