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Breathing Life into Soil

Healthy soil translates to vibrant soil biology with diversity in microbes. It is one that can support growth of the crops successfully without relying on synthetic fertilisers.

We at Banyula believe in practice, and fully support the regenerative agriculture concept of farming and grazing. Our products are formulated to support the concept of regenerative farming. 

Some interesting websites for more information:

  1. Compost on a large scale – regenerating 1000 acres: With Cory Miller and Kevin Lackey
  2. BEAM Compost Soil Regeneration
  3. Carbon to Nitrogen Ratio and the Microbes in Your Soil 


The benefit of foliar-applied nutrients is the fact that these nutrients bypass the soil altogether.  

Soil fertility is more complicated than the simple presence or absence of an element in the soil. For that element to be assimilated by the plant, it must be in a form that the plant can absorb. 

Often a potential plant nutrient may be present in the soil, but certain soil conditions, such as pH, may cause that nutrient to be held and not absorbed by the plant. If more nutrient is applied to the soil, it may not benefit the plant as the underlying reason for the deficiency still exists. In these situations, foliar applications of nutrients can be the most efficient way of supplying the needed nutrient to the plant. Another distinct advantage is saving cost and labour as our product can be combined with other products to control pest and diseases.